23rd-26th April 2019

From Data to Decisions









Conference proceedings

Thanks to all who attended GISRUK 2019! We hope you all enjoyed it and had a good time visiting Newcastle. We have made all abstracts available to download, and where possible and agreed with authors, presentations too - see our proceedings page at the following link. We have also created an album of images from the conference:

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Conference programme

Download the programme or the full handbook below for GISRUK 2019.


Newcastle University is excited to be hosting GISRUK 2019 and we’re looking foward to delivering a memorable 27th edition of the GISRUK conference series. Our conference venue is in the heart of the city on our new Helix site, offering a world-class space for knowledge-sharing, networking, and learning. The theme for this year’s conference is ‘From Data to Decisions’, exploring how geospatial science and research can unlock the power of data to enable decision-makers to tackle the most pressing global challenges. This will be only the second time the conference has been hosted solely by Newcastle University, the other time in 1995, and given that we are the only university offering an undergraduate degree in GIS we feel GISRUK and Newcastle continue to be a perfect fit.

The conference has been planned to be as sustainable as possible, to help those attending GISRUK to reduce their environmental impact whilst not sacrificing the experience and quality of the event. Our city-centre venue allows easy access by public transport and there is ample cycle parking available. We will also be taking steps to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by the conference. We would ask anyone interested in attending GISRUK 2019 to also consider their impact and where possible take some small steps yourself - this could simply begin by using a re-fillable water bottle!

We hope you enjoy GISRUK 2019!


GISRUK is an international conference series which has grown out of the UK’s national GIS research conference, established in 1993. We have held the conference at venues in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. GISRUK conferences are primarily aimed at the academic community, but welcome delegates from government, industry, and commercial sectors. The conferences attract those interested in Geographical Information Science (GIS) and its applications from all parts of the UK, together with the European Union and beyond. The disciplinary range is broad including, but not limited to, Geography, Environmental Science, Ecology, Computer Science, Planning, Archaeology, Geology, Geomatics and Engineering.

The GISRUK conferences have the following aims:
  • to act as a focus for GIS research in the UK, while welcoming researchers from Europe and beyond
  • to provide a mechanism for the announcement and publication of GIS research
  • to act as an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of research ideas
  • to promote active collaboration amongst researchers from diverse parent disciplines
  • to provide a framework in which young researchers (including students) can see their work in a national and international
  • context

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